La Belle Électrique

Fresh air, free time.

The story of La Belle

It all began in 2005, when the City of Grenoble launched a project to create a concert hall on the Bouchayer-Viallet site. A call for tenders was launched the following year to choose the structure that would manage the future venue. The MixLab association, created with the aim of applying, was selected: it was the beginning of a great adventure! Between 2007 and 2021, MixLab and its salaried team, delegated by the City of Grenoble (DSP), will manage La Belle Electrique and its activities.

In December 2020, the end of the DSP is voted by the City Council and takes effect on December 31st 2021.

The year 2022 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of La Belle Electrique: The MixLab association, historical manager of the equipment, now shares the governance with the employees, the partners, the residents/users and the institutions; all of them associated to a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest (SCIC).

The Cooperative Society of Collective Interest

The project carried by the SCIC is ambitious and participative. A true tool of openness and dialogue at the service of a territory, the SCIC adheres to fundamental cooperative values such as democracy, solidarity, social, economic and cultural integration. The governance of a SCIC, in its colleges as well as within its cooperative council, participates in the democratic transition and guarantees transparency and a decision-making balance that respects all the partners.
Thus, the SCIC brings together 5 categories of partners to feed the whole of La Belle's project :

Residents and users (associate member)
Partners (cultural, economic, artists...)
Project leader (MixLab association)
Employees (associate member)
Public institutions (today only the city of Grenoble)

The artistic project

The artistic project of the SCIC is carried by the management and is in the continuity of the project carried by the association MixLab. It aims to develop all the amplified musics in a logic of crossing of the aesthetics (jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop...), the techniques and the technologies. Beyond that, La Belle Électrique is particularly positioned on the niche of electronic music and dance, with the organization of festive "nights" where the room is transformed into a real club. This particular axis allows us to remain on the lookout for current and future practices and uses.

This project is articulated at the same time around the diffusion but also of the provision of each of the artistic practice, via our device of accompaniment of artists but also via our mission of cultural action.

Our goal is also to encourage discovery and curiosity for as many as possible. Therefore, we don't have one but several audiences:
  • Musicians (amateurs and professionals alike);
  • Public of all generations looking for new sensitive experiences;
  • Schools;
  • Associations...

At La Belle Électrique, we are committed to promoting all kinds of amplified music (with a particular emphasis on electronic music). The evolution of amplified music makes us consider their mutations through the crossing of music genres and the use of new technologies.

Our goals & missions

Support the creation of original works • Promote the discovery, creation and diffusion of amplified music • Encourage the expression of new trends and emerging artists • Host multidisciplinary projects, contribute to the crossing of various disciplines and actors • Develop and diversify audiences by ensuring access to our activities to as many as possible • Cooperate as much as possible with the actors of the territory • Offer "fresh air, free time" to our users by strengthening inclusion and social bonds • Promote actions to raise awareness and prevent risky behavior.

Our project is articulated around three major missions - dissemination, cultural mediation and accompaniment - and responds to three major principles: continuity over time, equality for all in the face of public service, and adaptability in the face of changes in society and the environment. principles: continuity over time, equality of all in front of the public service, and adaptability to the evolutions of the society and the specificities of our specificities of our territory.

Project Support

  • Strengthen artistic presence in the territory;
  • Provide all the necessary resources for creation;
  • Support local structures in the process of producing concerts.
Learn more about Artistic Support

Cultural Actions

  • Raise awareness and make every participant an actor of cultural creation;
  • Facilitate encounters between cultures, audiences, partners and artists;
  • Experiment, cross practices and co-build bespoke projects.
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  • Strengthen the diversity of the artistic offer;
  • Defend unique artistic lines: electronic music, pop / rock discoveries, feminine creations, urban cultures;
  • Promote the transversality in arts (digital arts in particular).
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La Belle in a few key figures :

Who ?

Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) La Belle Electrique since August 2022 - MixLab, Association delegated by the City of Grenoble before

Opening date

January the 10th, 2015


1015 places, 2 287 m2


1 concert venue, 3 studios, 1 restaurant and 2 bars


100 concerts per season and a bar with its own free agenda

Project support

Workshops, training, advice, rehearsal studios, residences of local artists, at the Labo de La Belle and in the big hall

Cultural Actions

Meetings, workshops, visits and international projects aimed at specific audiences and in connection with Grenoble structures

The team

Our occasional workers (intermittents) :

Technicians : Xavier ARNAUD, Antoine BACHIMONT, Manu BARRERO, Violaine BLANCHARD, Hugo BRINGUIER, Benjamin CHAMBAZ, Nasthasia CREUS, Matthieu DUPUIS, Pierre Rémi DURAND, Justine DUVAL, Dan FELICE, Florent FOURMY, Manoé GENEVOIS, Elodie GUILLAUD SAUMUR, Claude KEROUAULT, Clément LEGRAS, Michaël LOUDES, Aurélien MARTINELLI, Maxime MARCHAND, Géraldine MICHEL, Nicolas SAUVIGNET, Dominique SECCIA, Sophie PERIOU, Pierre PETIT, Florent SAÏBI, Robin BESROUR, Clément FIVEL, Pierre PETIT, Jules BRETIN, Ophélie SIRE, Romain CRITO, Samuel PASSAS, Norbert ROSTAING, Sandro DI BARTOLOMEO.

Our Reception & Bar staff :


Bar : Romane BOBO, Lucien CARECCHIO, Azalée CHARRETON, Hervé GHANEME, Héloise JULY, Milo KERAMIDAS, Jason PONSET.

The employees team :

Taking part in the project

With the new management mode of La Belle Electrique, which has become a SCIC (Cooperative Society of Collective Interest), a users' college has been created! In this college, all the people who gravitate around La Belle, like to come to see a concert, to play, to have a drink, maybe you?
What does it mean in concrete terms? A space of freedom of expression where everyone is free to assert their desires, expectations and ambitions for the future of La Belle :

> To participate in the common reflections to make La Belle an innovative place in terms of ecology, parity, living together and democracy.

> To be part of a city-wide project and to be the relay of proposals that may concern us, from near or far.

> To make sure that the Belle Électrique is a facility that serves everyone in the city.

To join the SCIC La Belle Electrique, it is a strong act allowing to get involved in an ambitious, collective and innovative cultural project, and to assert oneself as a citizen actor of its territory.

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Our events

September 2024

Soirées Electro


14.09.24 / 11:55pm

Big Hall · Nights

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Bernard Allison + Louis Mezzasoma


26.09.24 / 8pm

Big Hall · Live

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