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Cultural Actions

Between entertainment and poetry, artistic and cultural education at La Belle Électrique is accessible to all, through encounter and practice, by making the public the own actors of cultural creation in their school, their neighborhood, their city...

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Artistic and cultural education

"Great works of art are only great because they are accessible and comprehensible to everyone." - Leo Tolstoï

Cultural actions don't only aim to make culture intelligible and accessible to everyone. They also allow the individual to be placed at the very center of creation and think of their own expression as a form of art in its own right.

Through cultural actions, we are willing to break down the barriers between the elitist perception of artistic practices and the so-called "common" art. This way, we want to awaken vocations as well as a feeling of legitimacy in each participant. These moments make it possible to give all participants the tools they need to create, learn and express themselves, independently of their daily cultural practices and with a dimension of sharing.

By gathering participants, supervisors and speakers, we also want the artists to find the inspiration that is so precious to their creation and the supervisors to witness and experience different visions of the world.

Concretely, artistic and cultural education is bespoke and can take multiple forms:

Initiation to amplified music and digital cultures, multi-topic workshops (plastic arts, dance...), Boom Boom for all, guided tours of La Belle Électrique, backstage discovery, public rehearsals, meetings with artists…

A single session, a workshop or a full project... There are as many options as ideas!

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The public, actors of our cultural actions

We try to reach the biggest audience possible :

  • Schools, from nursery to university;
  • Daycares and families;
  • Adults;
  • Seniors;
  • Social action structures; medical structures;
  • People in reintegration;
  • Prison environment…

Focus on the early childhood:

It is more that necessary for children to discover artistic disciplines and practices from the earliest age. To support these grown-ups to be, we work on helping them develop their critical mind so that they are best prepared for the rest of their learning!

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Each project is unique, with a common focus: teamwork

For each project, an activity is built with a partner (a structure, an association, a school...) and an artist that will guide and animate the session. Together, we build a project in the most innovative way, with a strong focus on public service.

The choice of digital cultures linked to amplified music allows us to train the artists and to raise awareness about these new practices among our partners (e.g. teachers or early childhood professionals).

It is also a way to introduce young adults to new techniques and tools. However, the goal is above all to give children and toddlers the opportunity to develop a critical view of digital technology.

Current projects

Past projects


Get in touch with Émeraude

Are you an artist, a social structure or part of an association ? Are you willing to organise a tour of La Belle Électrique, to build a project together or simply talk to us ?

Émeraude will be pleased to discuss with you!

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At La Belle Électrique, we want to reach out more to new audiences and inhabitants. This is why we organize free outdoor concerts in partnership with local structures. These friendly events also represent an opportunity to promote the artists we support.

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