Frequently Asked Questions


REGION PASS*: Use of the maximum credit of 30 euros with La Belle Électrique.

I have tickets for a concert that has been postponed. Are they valid for the postponement date?

> Yes, your tickets remain valid, regardless of the new postponement date. No action required on your part, just show up with your tickets on D-Day.

I have tickets for a concert that was canceled. How can I get a refund?

> If you bought your tickets directly on our website, you don't have to do anything : the refund will be made automatically to the account used for payment.

> If you bought your tickets from another point of sale (Fnac, Seeticket, etc.) you can contact them directly.

Can I still buy tickets onsite when there are no more online?

> > When a concert is announced as sold out on the Internet, no tickets are available through our box office. However, you can still register on the online waiting lists of our secure ticket exchange (Reelax Tickets).

When finalizing my purchase on the Internet, my payment is blocked. What should I do ?

> First of all, try to change your Internet browser. If that doesn't work, contact your bank. If necessary, and if the problem does not come from there, please come to our Reception office directly onsite, or contact us at

Are there any waiting lists for the concerts?

> When a concert is sold out, we open a secure resale on Reelax Tickets. You can then join online waiting lists and be the first to know when someone resells their seat.

What are the advantages of the subscription card?

> The subscription card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. It gives access to concerts at the subscriber = reduced rate, offers two concerts in the year (from a selection), and gives you access to the pre-sale rate at the box office on the day. It also offers benefits at partner venues : €5.50 on all films shown at Le Club cinema (Grenoble), 5% discount on used vinyl at the Mange-Disque boutique (Grenoble) and €10 discount on bass and guitar maintenance at Ferré Musique.

Where can I collect my subscription card?

> At the Reception during the ticket office opening hours or on concert evenings.

Can I buy concert tickets for another event on the night of a concert?

> Absolutely, by going to the Reception / Ticket office.

Can we exchange tickets?

> No, it is not possible to exchange tickets from one show to another.

Can I buy a ticket from a third party, that can no longer go to the concert for example?

> We've opened our ticket exchange with Reelax Tickets, a secure resale platform that lets you buy or sell tickets for our sold-out concerts. With this solution, illegal or fraudulent resale is a thing of the past, and tickets can't be sold for more than the advertised price at La Belle (law of June 27, 1919).

> If a third party wishes to sell you a ticket, they can generate a private link via this secure platform, so that payment is protected.

> We strongly advise against buying or reselling tickets outside this platform. In the event of a dispute, La Belle Électrique declines all responsibility.

Can I exchange or have my ticket refunded?

> La Belle Électrique accepts requests for reimbursement during postponements and cancellations.

> In cases of force majeure, a refund may also be requested, within a maximum of 15 days before the date of the event. Beyond this deadline, your request will be refused.


Do people with reduced mobility have access to the reduced rate?

> No, unless the person has proof of a precarious situation.

Are people on civic service entitled to a reduced rate?

> Yes, on presentation of proof.

Is there a group rate ?

> Yes, but it only applies to CE partners, schools and associations. It applies to groups of at least 10 persons linked by a legal entity.

Are there prices for children?

> Children under 12 have access to concerts at a reduced rate. Minors are not allowed on the night.

What is a night evening ?

> It's an event that :

  • starts at 12am and ends at 6am.
  • starts at 10pm and ends at 4am.


How much does the cloackroom cost?

> The deposit of your belongings in the cloakroom costs 2€ per person.

What should I do if my cloakroom ticket is lost?

> If you lose your cloakroom ticket, we invite you to wait until the end of the return.

There is no room in the cloakroom when I arrive. How is it possible ?

> The cloakroom is a service provided by the venue to our spectators, places are indeed limited. To overcome this, we invite you to arrive as soon as the doors open, without anything of value.

Is it compulsory to use a cloakroom?

> No, unless you have a backpack or a suitcase.

I come from far away, I have a suitcase. Can I drop it off at the cloakroom?

> Yes, we accept any reasonable volume of luggage.

Lost & Found items

Who should I contact for lost and found items?

> Lost and found items are kept at the Reception / Ticket office. To collect them, please contact the Reception at We keep lost and found items for about three weeks. Credit cards are destroyed after 15 days.


Can I come with my crutches?

> The venue is accessible to people with crutches, we have bleachers where it is possible to sit. However, seats cannot be reserved. People for whom standing is difficult have priority on the stands.

I am pregnant, can I be guaranteed a seat?

> We can't guarantee any seating, so we invite you to attend the concert as soon as the doors open to ensure you get a bleacher seat.

Can the seats be reserved?

> No, the venue is available for free seating and standing.

I am in a wheelchair. Do I have access to the pit?

> Access to the pit is prohibited for people with reduced mobility for safety reasons. However, spaces are reserved for you around the pit.

I am in a wheelchair. Do I have to go to security upon arrival?

> In fact, you should let the security guard know about your presence as soon as you arrive. They are standing et the entrance of the venue. They will help you access the room through the passage reserved for persons with reduced mobility.

I am hard of hearing. Is there a suitable system?

> Yes, we provide hearing-impaired people equipped with a hearing aid with a magnetic induction loop system. Please contact us for more information.

For any other information, please refer to the Useful information and Accessibility pages.


> Luncheon vouchers are accepted.

> We don't take any reservation by email. To book a table, please call us at 04 69 98 00 37.

For any other information, see the Bar-restaurant page.